Is Calcium As Important As We Think?

Yes. Calcium is really the main component of bone, in fact, 99% of this mineral is found in bone and only 1% is found in plasma and extravascular fluid.

But it is also that calcium, not only intervenes in the bone mineralization of bones and teeth, but also becomes an essential compound to maintain a series of functions of our organism without which we could not live, such as:

  • The cardiac function.
  • The clotting of blood
  • The contraction and relaxation of the muscles .
  • The secretion of hormones and chemical compounds.
  • Sending and receiving nervous signals.

Importance Of Milk

As we all know and our parents have repeatedly told us at breakfast, one of the main sources of calcium in our diet is milk even though some say Substituting Milk for Allergic Toddler (นมสำหรับเด็กเป็นภูมิแพ้ (which is the term in thai). Much has been said about her. From conspiracy theories in which they almost try to make us believe that milk is a poison (“the white poison” that they say around there) to points of view that are at the other extreme from where they assure that without drinking milk your bones will leave breaking one by one until ending up in the junkyard at age 40.

Well, neither so much nor so bald, that in the middle term there is virtue , as Aristotle said.

We are all clear that breastfeeding is the best food that we can give our children exclusively until 6 months of age and together with complementary feeding until 2 years or more.  The WHO says it and all the national and international scientific institutions and organizations say it. Here we have all agreed. At last! Furthermore, the bioavailability of calcium from human milk is fantastic, being superior to dairy preparations (58% vs. 38%). Nature, as you see, is very wise.

Now, from 12 months, at which time children no longer drink as much milk, how much calcium do they need to be healthy and strong?

Intake of:

  •  700 mg of calcium between 1 and 3 years,
  • 1,000 mg of calcium between 4-8 years
  • 1300 mg between 9 and 14 years old.

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