Guide to Becoming a Better Cook

Everyone wants to better whatever skill they have and cooking is no exception. It doesn’t matter if cooking is not your forte, like everything other skill, practice makes all the difference. These few tips below are what you need to know if you want to learn how to cook (วิธีทำอาหาร, which is the term in Thai).

Strive to be Better

Constantly trying to better your knowledge of cooking is important because you now understand the basics of cooking and are interested in getting better. Study cookery books, go through recipes online no matter how good you feel you’ve perfected on a particular recipe. There are often several ways to prepare a meal and achieve excellent results. So learning does not stop. 


One may know all the ingredients he or she needs, buy expensive ingredients, but with the wrong timing, all the time and money spent goes in vain. Timing is important when adding certain ingredients and is an important skill to learn in cooking for your foods to taste better.


In cooking, some things come first before you even light up the cooker; it pays to take your time and prepare every ingredient and set them aside so that once it is time to add any, all you need do is put them into the pot instead of hurriedly washing and slicing them up before adding them.

Pay Attention to Detail

Pay attention to the rate of heat your food needs to be cooked with. Sometimes, you need medium heat to cook a particular food as high heat will cause it to burn.

Have the Necessary Tools

A chopping board may be pretty basic but very essential in the kitchen; with it, you can cut vegetables better as opposed to cutting with your hands. Investing in the basic tools you need in the kitchen is worth it as it eases your workload in the kitchen and improves your cooking result.

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