Know More About The Cannabis Hybrid

Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It offers an unusually sweet flavor and an unusually fruity aroma. The taste combines a perfect sweet cookie with a cherry pie’s fruitiness. It works as an appetite stimulant and a relaxing agent.

It’s an Animal Mints and Triangle Kush Cross, actually.Wedding cake usually flowers around the mark for 9 weeks. The plant produces a consistently large amount of resin.

More cannabis strains are available on the market than ever with the science behind cannabi. New strains are being constantly developed.

The growers of the strain did not share the secrets of the strain, but the trial and the mistake might become increasing.Your best choice is to get a female plant.


If you are a regular cannabis user who seeks a strain that enhances your perceptions and deep relaxation, then you only have to look for a Wedding cake. This sweet-sounding strain quickly becomes one of the most popular strains.This is only for its strong mix of body and mind effects.


The Wedding Cake strain contains about 21.5 percent of THC. Because of the high amount of THC in this strain, the plant matter consumed was compared to the concentrate ‘ dabbing.’

This strain is powerful and its effects are felt rapidly the following consumption. This change in the headspace can accompany euphoria and giddiness in the right environment.

This is helpful in certain activities such as reading, writing, and mild exercise.

These effects can be useful in managing attention deficit disorders too, as users can focus on particular tasks.

Physical relaxation can help chronic pain and other pain-related conditions such as arthritis.

Smell & Appearance

  • When you buy wedding cake strain seeds online, remember that it is characterized by its large, dynamic flowers.
  • This strain’s high levels of THC and sticky resin texture result in the high concentration of trichomes in the buds.
  • The strain of the Wedding Cake is known to be harsh when combusted and smoked. Some users have a sore throat.
  • When you smoke this strain, the closest you feel is the subtle creaminess and the sugar notes that are left behind when you exhaled.


  • Due to the aroma, your taste buds are perhaps a bit surprised when you use Wedding Cake, because of the soil and sour aromas.
  • If you really want to get the best flavour, use a low-temperature vaporizer.


A wedding cake is a severe strain that can reduce pain, anguish, and depression. It has a very high THC level not only, it feels like you’ve just given a concentrate. It does not apply to beginners or persons with a low tolerance to weeds, although it is a relaxing smoke.

When you use it, your mind is strengthened, and you can break through into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. Lastly, your body is going to feel relaxed, and you may sleep peacefully.

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