Why Tourists Come To Change The Ground In Thailand

It is known that demand creates supply. Many in Thailand want to change gender, now there are officially more than 10,000 transgender people in the kingdom. Surgeons from Thailand have extensive experience and are constantly improving their skills

Under conditions of intense competition in the field of plastic surgery, Thais have managed to achieve high quality at low prices. Srs Thailand can be done with 7-10 thousand dollars. In other countries, those who want to find a suitable gender will have to spend $ 20 or $ 30,000.

Other positive aspects of plastic surgery in Thailand are:

  • Many institutes are ready to offer their foreign customers a free transfer. A high level of service and qualified staff contribute to a pleasant stay in the clinic. Chambers are more like hotel rooms with everything you need
  • Surgeons in Thai clinics constantly confirm the level of their qualifications and take courses in the cultures of the countries from which the mainstream of patients comes
  • Doctors practice in America and Europe to gain experience and information about new devices
  • Thai surgeons are fluent in English. The clinic often has a translation center that facilitates communication and document completion
  • Thailand is in a favourable location, which contributes to rapid recovery and stress relief after surgery. Customers can combine procedures and relaxation: go to the beach during breaks, enjoy fruit and seafood

It is worth noting that substantial funds are provided from the state budget to support medical facilities.

Terms Of Use

For legitimate surgery, the patient must demonstrate that he has taken all the necessary conditions into account. To get the consent you need:

  • Reach the majority age. The age depends on the nationality of the customer. So the Russian can get an official permit of 18 years
  • Get a psychologist’s opinion. The specialist must confirm that the patient needs a radical change in his body. Possible diagnoses: sexual dysphoria, genital disorder, and so on
  • Issue a certificate to the clinic showing that the yearly course of taking hormonal drugs has ended. You will receive this confirmation from a gynecologist.

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