Eye Bags

The eye bags are due to fluid retention or growth and herniation of fat formations that exist in the eye area. These clusters of fat in their origin are retained by membranes known as orbital septum, but with time and due to their increase, muscle tissue yields and herniated, causing the bags in the eyes. They can also be a consequence of an excess of skin that originates over the years “as a physiological process of aging.

The Main Causes Of Eye Bags

The main cause of the appearance of under-eye bag (ถุงใต้ตา which is the term in Thai) is the passage of time, this type of alteration usually appears after forty. However, it can also occur in young people and affects both men and women. To these causes is added the “genetic factor,” along with external factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, or having sleep disorders, which will aggravate the onset and symptoms.

The main consequence is the aesthetic alteration of the area. The bags appear on the lower or upper eyelids, it can be smooth or bulky, and usually have an asymmetrical shape. The bags in the eyes gives a tired look.

Prevention Of Eye Bags To avoid the possible appearance, it is recommended to maintain a healthy and varied diet, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco and sleep the hours necessary for the eyes to rest. In addition, it is very necessary to prevent the appearance of any cosmetic defect in this area, it is advisable to use appropriate and specific cosmetics for the periocular area,” such as eye contour creams with moisturizers, antioxidants, and collagen- forming substances.

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