What You Need To Know About Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

Different breast procedures are available today for women, and there is also one specific procedure for men. Depending on what needs to be done, there are different techniques such as breast reduction, breast lift, and maybe the most popular one is the breast augmentation, as for men, gynecomastia procedure can change the look of their breasts.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation can not only change the size of your breasts, but it can also change the contour and mild asymmetry. There are different reasons why women decide to undergo this procedure. Usually, some women feel that they have small breasts in relation to their body. Other women wish to correct their breasts after pregnancy, or after losing weight.

Breast augmentation is the most popular breast surgical procedure

Breast augmentation is performed with implants, where you can choose different shapes, sizes, and materials of implants. They will be placed under or over your pectoralis muscle, while the incisions will be made in the armpit, areola or under the breast, making the scars that are as small as possible.

Your breast can be enhanced more naturally, with your own fat tissue. This effective fat transfer to breasts according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is a great option if you want to avoid implants and mildly increase your breast.

Breast reduction

This procedure is for women who would like to size down their breasts. Usually, this decision is made due to pain in the neck, back, redness, skin irritation and even numbness. During the procedure your doctor will remove excess skin, fat and in some cases glandular tissue, giving your breast a new contour and volume. 

Possible side effects can be breast and nipple sensation, numbness, and extensive scaring. Side effects that are normal for this kind procedure are the pain, swelling, redness, but that usually lasts a few days, and the doctor may prescribe some pain killers. After this procedure, women notice that the chronic pain in the back and neck is gone. 

Breast lift

Due to aging or skin type where the skin is not strong enough, breasts begin to sag. This condition is called ptosis, where there is too much skin compared to breast tissue. Breast lift procedure will remove the excess skin and place areolas more in the center, so your breast will have a “younger” look.

Gynecomastia procedure

Gynecomastia is a medical term for bigger male breasts. There are different reasons why this appears, and usually, it is due to obesity and imbalanced hormones where the estrogen is higher than it should be. This gynecomastia treatment at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is done by liposuction, where the size of male breasts is reduced with barely noticeable scarring. Men are usually very satisfied with the results.

Gynecomastia treatment will size down male breasts

Final word

Surgery procedures maybe take longer recovery, but with one procedure you will get breast that you always wanted. That will not only change the look of your body, it will also enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

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